Monday, April 29, 2013

Dot Com: The New Way To Start A Modeling Career

With a little bit of work and research, and the right connections to legitimate photographers, a career or side job as an online model can be lucrative and rewarding. The World Wide Web is the primary means of communication and promotion for businesses, celebrities and brands worldwide. Those who capitalize on a web presence need online models for their websites. Online modeling can provide a viable means of income and exposure. Online models may attend modeling school or enter into the profession without formal training.

With digital cameras and photography, it is easy for models to launch a career online. In addition, most computers have a webcam. It is easy for users to take snapshots of themselves, or arrange self-portraits. Potential models are able to create a professional portfolio to submit to companies and businesses that need online models.  Print and fashion models often must subscribe to certain rigid standards of height, weight and general appearance. But online models can be more versatile. Often, websites want people who look real and relatable, to appeal to their customers or consumers. They also want models who appeal to a wide range of ages and ethnicities. This flexibility allows a person to think about pursuing an online model career far longer than they could think about pursuing a modeling career on the runway, for instance. It is best for online models to follow the same path to work and exposure as models who work in more traditional formats.

Professional photographers may prefer to book models for online formats through legitimate modeling agencies. This would be best for the online model. A verified modeling agency can allow an online model to enter trustworthy networks with a high number of quality jobs. They also can mediate connections to bigger companies and the best photographers. Reputable photographers will be familiar with the particular conventions of online modeling. If you freelance as an online model, it is important to check references for a photographer you meet. You must do this in order to be sure you will be compensated and featured online where you are promised to be featured.

A benefit of online modeling is that their work is easily accessible online. An online model should be able to quickly find other models a photographer has worked with, to view their images online with other models on past shoots. This will give online models a perspective on the photographer’s style before they meet. It can also help to create a connection that can familiarize the photographer and model before they work together.