Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Blurry Line Between Fashion and Lingerie Modeling

The most conservative critics believe fashion modeling should only consist of men and women who stay completely covered up. They point to tradition and what is deemed appropriate by society. Yet lately, so many models, particularly women, have been participating in lingerie fashion shows, ads, photos and even video commercials. Such models and their supporters disagree with their conservative counterparts and often point to popular lingerie brands that employ hundreds of tall, statuesque ladies to model their designs. So who’s right? 

Conservatives point to the fact that lingerie crosses the line of decency as some might feel that companies such as Victoria’s Secret place a hurtful stigma of “perfection” on the industry and on women in general. These conservatives argue that it alienates women who many not fit the perception of beauty and totally ostracizes religious and cultural conservatives. Still again, others argue that Victoria’s Secret are quite accepting as their styles and designs fit women of all shapes and sizes. These “modernists” contend that fashion knows no bounds and by that very nature, declare it “non-fashion”.

Let’s not forget the popularity of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! Based on these drastically different viewpoints, it is clear to see why so many people disagree. In fact, these sides may never agree. In fact, who cares? The bottom line is, what one perceives as fashion is purely up to the observer. Fashion is in the eye of the beholder. Is it following the trend or the status quo? Can one be fashionable if they follow what’s “in”? Or is fashion all about stepping out into a new world, even if it means slipping on something more “risqué?” Or maybe it is about taking it all off? One thing is for sure: this issue will only continue to heat up as we blaze into the future.

It can be generally agreed upon that fashion is more about clothing and style verses overt sexual themes. Compare this to other modeling styles such as eye candy or even glamour. In these styles, models are appealing more to their sexy sides. In contrast to sexier themes, fashion modeling tends to be much more conservative in nature. In fact, there are many other themes that are often said NOT to fall into the category of fashion as well. These include nude modeling, gothic, and even lifestyle modeling. All of these categories draw a hard line to fashion. However, when it comes to lingerie modeling, many are up in arms.