Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Long Beach Headshot

I have been spending more time promoting and marketing Long Beach Headshots than usual.

This comes from a need for more business in the Southern California area and the need for a better Headshot Photography Studio, catering to Actors,Models and Executives who need Quality Headshots ata Reasonable Price Photographed in our studio or at their location .

Additionally there has been more demand for high-end Fashion Photography in the South Los Angeles area than in recent years. This comes from more modeling agencies popping up and fewer state regulations imposed on modeling, acting and talent agencies.

The studio is located about 2 blocks off PCH and 20 feet from Rock Bottom Brewery (what a coincidence).

Appointments are made weekly and this months calender is filling up.

The same Specials from Awesome Headshots will be available at Long Beach Headshots as well as LA OC Photography (next months project).


This marks the 7th year Awesome Headshots has been photographing heads in San Ramon, CA.

The business has grown about 19% per annum with a few bumps along the way.

In January 2011 the accounting office predicted a 30% increase from last year. May bookings increased the 30% prediction to a 34% increase over last year.

This has been a tough economical year for big and small businesses. The lack of steady growth compounded with a shaky stock market made for a less than celebratory last 60 days. Just when the economy was moving from RED to BLACK business started reeling in their check books.

This Seventh year milestone has shown me that anything is possible. You get though these bumps and obstacles by trusting that God has a plan for you. Belief is lacking in smaller businesses today. One of my favorite lessons from the bible is that it wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark.