Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Need for Professional Product Photography

There are many positive effects and benefits of using a professional quality photograph from a professional photographer to sell your product, such as on eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, or even your own site. Conversely, there are many cons to doing it yourself. Factors such as time, money, and quality will quickly pop up, negatively affecting your business. You should consider your needs, budget, and time when considering if you should choose a professional photographer. It is a proven fact that items sell better online with quality pictures.

Although modern cameras have made undeniable leaps and bounds since their inception, even the most high-end point-and-shoot camera fails to take photos that compare to professional pictures. The quality of the camera isn't comparable to the equipment used by professional photographers. And the equipment they use is professional quality-high-end, which makes it unwise to invest to sell a few items online.

Taking pictures is also time-consuming, which means less time spent on product development, advertising, and selling the product. Thus leading to more time valuable time attempting to take the picture, as well as more time trying to make it look better once you have uploaded it. Even someone with the best editing skills needs to have a good base to work from, and an amateurish, blurry photograph will never be able to look truly professional or appealing. 
So, you may even be risking your own time to take your own photographs when in the end you will need to pay a photographer to retake the photo using a professional camera.

Finally, a professional photographer has spent a life time perfecting professional photography skills. You may be strong when it comes to advertising, product development, and even web design, but that doesn't necessarily guarantee that you are a great photographer. A business should be comprised of the strongest qualities of its members. Allowing a professional photographer to do their job will allow you to better do yours. Also, they are likely to be more knowledgeable about the modern photography standards and up to date on photography technology.

The positive effects and benefits of using a professional quality photograph from a professional photographer to sell your product on sites such as eBay or Craigslist obviously outweigh the cons of doing it yourself. It is simply much more streamlined if you utilize a professionalphotographer. Allow a professional photographer to take your pictures, and save yourself the trouble.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Online Dating Picture, Put Your Best Foot Forward

When signing up for an online dating site such as eHarmony or Match.com, the goal is ultimately to connect with another person who might not otherwise have been able to meet. Just as with a job interview, making the first impression can often single-handedly determine the outcome of the relationship.

When making a split second impression is so important, it is vital to do everything possible to make it the greatest impression. One quick and easy step to accomplishing this is to have a professional picture for a profile picture instead of an amateur photograph.

The difference between a professional photograph and an amateur photograph does not come down to one being a true reflection of a person and one being a doctored or edited image. It is merely the difference between looking the best possible and utilizing every advantage that a person in the professional field of photography can provide versus risking bad lighting, bad framing, or otherwise less quality.

Some of the most important aspects of a first impression are dependent upon the physical look of a person. A professional photograph will be able to communicate what hairstyle flatters the best, what lighting provides the best skin complexion, what framing provides a younger or older and mature look depending upon what is desired. All of these aspects are ones that would be very difficult or even impossible for the general person to fully take advantage of on their own. 

If there is only one split second chance to impress another person, why leave anything to chance than there already is? For the piece of mind it provides, paying to have a professional photograph taken is a very minimal cost. Additionally, once the perfect picture is captured, it can be used again and again on multiple dating and networking sites depending upon preference. This is because a professional photograph can hold up and better conceal the signs of aging than an amateur photograph can. A professional photographer will also take away some of the stress associated with finding the perfect picture. Instead of having to hunt through multiple amateur takes, a professional will quickly locate the best one and provide it.

Overall, the advantages of having a professional taken photograph greatly outweigh the disadvantages. Additionally, once a professional image is captured,  supplemental amateur photographs can be added as an afterthought. 

Take advantage of a professional photographer and allow them to provide the best reflection of an individual that they can. They are trained in all aspects of photography and are best able to use the tools and tricks of the trade to devise a perfect and real image every time.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Becoming an Extra in the Movies

Working in the film and television industry can be very exciting, and every year, thousands of hopefuls will move from their hometowns to Los Angeles or New York in order to pursue their dreams. Once they arrive, they may be confused about where to start. The reality is, it isn't always like the movies where new and upcoming stars are discovered walking down the street. It can take some hard work and determination in order to land those big leading roles, and there are ways to start out on the right path that can help to open doors in the future.

One way to break into the industry is by working as an extra. How to be an extra in the television and film industry is a question that many newcomers have, but it is actually easier than one may think. It just takes a little patience and perseverance in order to get good jobs on movie and television show sets. There are various extras agencies that take new people every day. Actors can register online by submitting a photo, or they can make an appointment with an extras agent that will take their photos and advise them on what type of work they will most likely be called in for.

Once an actor is registered in the extras database, they will be notified when jobs are available. They will either have to submit their own photos, or their booking agent will submit on their behalf. Once an actor is hired for an extra job, they are given a specific call time and wardrobe instructions, and what happens next is a fun and exciting day on set. One of the best data bases for extras and  casting agents is Casting Central who was recently the focus of a news story about casting agencies on CBS Sunday Morning Show.  
There are two types of extras in the entertainment business. Non-union, and Union. Union extras receive better pay, and they also have a great chance of being bumped up to a speaking role. Non-union extras receive slightly less pay and they may be subject to working conditions that are not as comfortable as a Union extra. The problem is, is that people can't just join the Union. In order to join the Screen Actors Guild, also known as SAG through extra work a person must obtain three SAG vouchers. These vouchers are often given to Non-union extras after they work on a set for three or more consecutive days. Once an actor receives the vouchers, they are what is known as SAG-eligible, and once they have paid their SAG dues, they are allowed to work under the Union guidelines. Extra work is a great way to break into the business, make new friends, and possibly receive that big break!

However to make that first step, Central Casting and every other casting agency will agree, your need an Awesome Headshot to get your foot in the door.