Monday, April 8, 2013

Studio or Office, Where To Shoot Your Business Portrait

A professional photographer should be willing to do business portraits where the client feels comfortable. A professional will be able to work around little inconveniences. Some businesses may choose to have a portrait taken at their place of business, or they may choose to have on taken at a photography studio. Both options come with several pros and cons involved. The choice should depend on the place of business, and their preference.

 Photographing at a studio has a few pros and cons involved. Studio shots can be easier to edit. Without so much in the background, there is less that might need to be taken out later. There are also fewer hours spent enhancing the portraits. A simple background of any sort may be placed behind the people. However, studio work comes with a few inconveniences. Time is an inconvenience to the business. Were a portrait take at the business, no one would have to step away from his or her work for very long. Studio work requires people to take time and attention away to focus on the studio. If there is no time during a workday, they end up cutting into their social lives.

 Another option is taking a portrait at the actual business. This makes it possible for workers to not have to step away from their work for too long. This also allows the workers to have a small break during their workday, and makes the portrait more personal. This may cause problems though. Taking a portrait at the business may get in the way of the actual business. Workers may not be able to do the work that they would normally do, with the inconvenience of having a photographer there.

The two options vary in their pros and cons. Both have the ability to be both good and bad, depending on the business. With studio portraits, there is more time and the distance from work in taking a portrait. There is also the option for various lighting styles and different backgrounds. With taking the portrait at the business, there is a more professional look, also referred to as environmental portraits. However, there may also be problems with the camera being in the way, causing production to decrease and that annoying co-worker making faces behind the photographer. The choice should be up to the business, and they need to determine which option best fits their needs and also their budget. Having staff pictures taken with the same background, either studio or environmental can make a company website go from meh to wow.