Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Is it Unhealthy to be a Fashion Model?

 We've all seen high fashion models on the television, in fashion magazines, in brochures, and in catalogues all of our lives. Fashion models are a big part of society. Society uses the way that fashion models look to say how everyone, especially women, should look. The average fashion model is much smaller than the average woman, but still society says that women need to look like these fashion models in their every day lives at home and at work.
As for women, many women feel as though they need to keep constantly dieting and not eating, as well as working out every single day for hours at a time in order to keep the figure that society says is the best way to look – the figure of a high fashion model. This is not healthy for anyone, not the regular women of society, nor is it healthy for the high fashion models in those magazines, photos, the runways, or catalogues.

Fashion models feel as though they need to starve themselves in order to get good feedback from their photographers and from designers who want to give them clothes to wear out on the town during the times when they aren't shooting photos or are on the runways. 

They feel as though if they are thin enough and look good enough, they'll get good reviews from their photographers and they'll get more work. Unfortunately, this is exactly how it works in the high fashion world of clothing and make up.

Basically, if these models keep their shapes thin and lanky, they can keep working in the fashion world. Photographers will keep working with them, designers will want them on their runways, and the regular population of people will want to look at them in their photos and magazines. The relationship between fashion models and their photographers is a very delicate one. The photographers have the upper hand in all of this because they can choose whether a specific person has the correct look that they want for the photo shoot.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Why Should You Hire a Professional Photographer

 It might seem like a wise idea to choose an amateur photographer over someone who has made a name for themselves with years of experience and happy clients. The amateur might just do the perfect job if they possess the latest in digital photographic equipment and editing software. Their equipment may even rival that of a professional photographer. 

The only difference may be in the price that the amateur charges. For someone looking into organizing a big event, price can be a huge deciding factor in choosing one photographer over another regardless of the number of years they have been working. There are pros of hiring a professional photographer and cons of hiring an amateur photographer, however.

Of course, it might seem like the professional charges much more for their work than the amateur. Yet, if the job the photographer is being hired for is something like a sunset wedding on the beach, their expertise may be what makes the extra expense well worth the money spent on their services. Also, a professional photographer may have more of a repertoire of skills behind them. They may have had experience shooting for newspapers, magazines or websites. 

In this regard, the professional can be trusted to do well under any circumstance. For anyone with doubts, they simply can ask to review samples of the photographer’s work. For a professional who has experience shooting numerous weddings, the proof may be found after only a few samples have been perused. An amateur photographer may, on the other hand, be capable of doing a good job but unlike the professional he or she may not have the experience to work under any type of lighting, weather or action which could dampen the results they deliver after the event no matter how affordable they were. 

As mentioned in past posts, ASMP's Find a Photographer is where businesses and individuals go to find a professional photographer with confidence and assurance, they know they're hiring a pro.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Turning Your Dream of Becoming a Model into a Part Time Job

Modeling has a notorious reputation for being extremely demanding work that has little reward. This may be true for full time models who work in the higher rungs of the industry, but it is not true for all models. Thousands of models work in more modest surroundings.

Freelance modeling isn't just for those who are looking to become big in the industry one day. These models are typically part time models who have full time jobs in another industry. Anyone who is looking for a little extra spending cash might want to consider part time modeling. There is a growing demand for models who may not meet the expectations of the high end fashion industry.

While your body type usually matters in a casting call you will not be completely discredited because you don't meet the ideals of a traditional model. Advertisers are more motivated then ever to show " real " people in their ads to better relate with their customers. 
 Now there are modeling agencies that specialize in placing everything from ethnic models to plus sized models. While on the subject of agencies it is vital to both your worker's rights and safety to work with a reputable modeling agency. Modeling is an extremely common industry for scammers and sexual predators to target. Working alone may be possible but it is extremely dangerous. 

A respectable modeling agency screens all of their clients for the safety of their models. Use the same resources for researching a traditional company for researching your modeling agency of choice. Finding little to no information about a particular modeling agency online is a definite red flag to a possible scam. One key note to remember, "you don't pay them, they pay you", unless you're paying a professional photographer for pictures or purchasing clothes or making a small investment in comp cards and your portfolio, "you" the model gets paid.

Once you've made up your mind on your career path and chosen a modeling agency you need to prepare for your first meeting with the agency. Preparation for a modeling job begins well before you step through the door. 

Even though this is part time work you must approach it like any other job. Your looks are much more of a factor here then anything else you may offer, so look your best! Make sure that your hair, nails, and makeup are all top notch. Wear respectable clothing of a neutral color. Most importantly, you must bring a portfolio containing photos of yourself at various angles. These photos should be professionally done by a photographer that specializes in this type of photography. Do not use pictures that you or your friends have taken! Having professional photos shows the agency that you are serious about becoming a model. 

This is part two of a two part series on Turning your acting or modeling dream into a part time job.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Turning Your Acting Dream into a Part Time Job

In today's economy, who doesn't need a little more green in their wallet? Many individuals with full time, respectable jobs are finding ways to earn a little more spending money during their down time. From tutoring, to online gigs, to playing in the theater, to signing up with actor casting agencies, there are masses of people finding enjoyable ways to make some extra money. 
In some locations in the US, there are part time actors who have regular day jobs who act in theater, television and movies as extras and small parts who make a good living on the side. 

Many creative, artistic past drama club members find the amateur theater or casting call line ups a great place to enjoy themselves, and make some cash. Weeknight rehearsals and weekend shows make for a great social setting and a win/win situation. Theater minds enjoy each others company while others find networking opportunities in audition lines and casting calls. Rehearsals make for great social fun, while after show drinks on the weekends can allow one to still feel like they have some down time. 

Often times, one feels like their career does not feed their creative side. A side job as an actor can help the most successful professional feel like they still have a fun side to them. Acting can help one escape and enjoy the world of what if; allowing individuals to be someone else and forget about the daily pressures of work and personal life. Acting on the side can be therapeutic for your wallet and your emotional health. 

Many times, one may find that part time actors originally begin acting to earn more money or find a way into full time acting. You will notice that often acting and modeling run parallel seeing actors on commercials and print ads and models in soap operas and TV shows. After time, many actors continue working part time, not as much for the money, but for the added enjoyment of the lifestyle. 

Managing your time at work can be cut down by quick and random Internet searches. Auditions and casting can be found while surfing the web at SF Casting and Variety web sites. These offer acting, extra, stand-in, voice over and theatrical opportunities. 

Most of the acting work will be found in Los Angeles, however, local Bay Area Casting agencies such as Beau Bonneau  and Blackwell Files can offer nine to fivers an easy to manage schedule to attend open auditions and castings. As any casting agent will tell you, it all starts with an Awesome Headshot.

This is part one of a two part blog series. The second part, to be posted soon will focus on part time modeling and how to fit the dream of modeling into your day job.