Thursday, December 3, 2009

Marketing Through Your Profile Picture

In an earlier post, I yammered about Executive and Business Portraits, comparing different industries to different types of Portraits. Notwithstanding the need for an updated Profile Portrait, I would like to point out a few specifics on WHY you should update your Business Profile Portrait on a regular basis.

I can’t tell you how many times my phone rings and there’s a business professional on the other end sighing about how they NEED a picture for their online profile or business Website. It’s probably the sane sigh dental receptionists hear before taking an appointment. After a few minutes on the phone, I can change any businesspersons reluctance and actually get them looking forward to the photo shoot.

Obviously your current picture is not representing you to your standards today. Sure, maybe a few years (decades) ago it was perfect for your Spouses desk, but you’ve changed and updating your picture with whom you have become is as important as your accomplishments. Marketing yourself is just as significant as marketing your company. Potential customers need to see what the person looks like. It’s really not that bad, if you do it right.

Here are 10 signs you need an updated Business Profile Portrait.

  1. If your current picture gets whistles from construction workers but glares by Human Resources, it’s time to update your business profile portrait.
  2. If your clients email ends with “is that you?”, it’s time to update your business profile portrait.
  3. If you constantly hear “love your dog”, it’s time to update your business profile portrait.
  4. If your using a wedding picture with your significant other cut out, it’s time to update your business profile portrait.
  5. If people you meet say “wow, you do have a nice smile”, it’s time to update your business profile portrait.
  6. If you’re with a client and they ask how Cabo was, it’s time to update your business profile portrait.
  7. If your temp says “cool, I see from your dark blurry picture your Goth too”, it’s time to update your business profile portrait.
  8. If your DMV picture looks better than your current business profile picture, it’s time to update your business profile portrait.
  9. If the shirt your wearing in your current business profile picture references Heineken or the numbers 4:20, it’s time to update your business profile portrait.
  10. If your business profile picture is a blank space that reads “upload picture here”, it’s time to update your business profile portrait.
Now go off and get that Business Profile Portrait Updated and save the sighs for your Dentists Receptionist.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Keep Smiling

One of the modeling industries best kept secrets to a good headshot or portrait is to keep smiling. Even if the photographer says, “don’t smile” or “smile, but no teeth”, you still want to feel and express as if you’re smiling. It’s called Smiling From the Inside. Expressing a persona of happiness, good mood, friendly demeanor, free spirit will come through on the picture. Regardless of your present mood or state of mind, if the camera can see though your annoyance, be assured the viewer of the picture will. As Ansel Adams once said, “there are at least two people in every picture, the person who took the picture and the person looking at the picture”.

An easy way to keep that inner smile obvious thouh your photo shoot is to think of the last thing that brought you complacency. It could be as simple as that delicious sandwich you just had for lunch or that awesome trip to the Bahamas you just took. Regardless of what it is, make it the most recent occurrence to keep it as clear as possible. Once there, find things around your location that might remind you of that time, such as the photographer’s shirt or the shoes you’re wearing. Expel all negative or downer thoughts. Keep your mind clear and focused on smiling on the inside.

If you’re having trouble reaching the inner smile, ask to take a few minutes to gather your frame of mind. Any photographer worth his/her weight in gold will understand and try to help you with this process.

Don’t expect the photographer to be a comedian and make you smile. True, most photographers can come up with a few humorous situations that will make you smile, but it’s your picture and you really want to make your best impression. Coming prepared with a funny joke list or a few pictures can be a great smile booster as well.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Dating Portraits 1A

True, the world is getting smaller with the Internet, however this leads to more ways to find the right person if you do it right. Bars and singles clubs are still the easiest, but less than practical. Video dating services have become a thing of the past. The Craigslists and’s of the world are great places to put up a single personal profile in hopes of catching that right persons eye. Unfortunately, society is shallower than ever. A few paragraphs of who you are and what you aspire to become just wont catch the average single person’s interest. The first thing most seeking singles look at is the picture. Once the look test has agreed or disagreed with them, then they’ll take their time to read the few paragraphs r move on to the next person.

Good dating coaches are internet savvy these days. On a recent episode of the Rachael Ray TV show, dating coach DeAnna Lorraine explained five important dating profile make-over tips that can improve your profile and get the attention of the right person.

DeAnna's Profile Tips

Did you know that more people today meet online than anywhere else? True love could be just a click away for you, but first you need an online profile that will attract Mr. (or Mrs.) Right. "It really is all about the profile," says online dating expert DeAnna

Lorraine. "If you have a bad profile, it could be costing you so many dates." Coul

d that be the problem for 31-year-old Katie? DeAnna steps in to find out and to share her tips.

Choose photos that show off your best assets. Katie had her hair pulled back in her main profile photo and she was wearing a frumpy, dark turtleneck. DeAnna switches it to a photo that highlights her beautiful red curly hair and smile.

Don't send the wrong message. Katie included photos of herself in a wedding party and holding a baby -- both of which could be off-putting to some men who might interpret that she is desperate to beat her biological clock or dying to settle down.

Show off your personality. Make sure your photo shows something about who you are. For example, if you love the outdoors or traveling, let your personality come through with a fun photo from your last hiking trip or vacation.

Headlines should be short and simple. Katie's original headline read like a boring laundry list of qualities she was looking for in a match. DeAnna revises it to be shorter, sweeter, and enticing: "Anyone up for some wild ringlets and fine wine?"

Avoid being negative. Katie posted that her job was very demanding, which DeAnna suggests could be a turn-off. DeAnna suggests that men would be attracted to a woman who's passionate about her job, so she helps Katie reword her post to convey more energy and enthusiasm.

Be persistent. It's easy to get discouraged after a bad experience with Internet dating. But it can take time! So be committed and put the necessary time and effort into it.

One of the best tips DeAnna provides is put up a good picture of yourself. Easier said than done. Where do you go to find a good dating portrait photographer? Awesome Headshots, the featured dating headshot and portrait photographer in Northern California for, eHarmony, Look Better Online and Dating Headshots delivers amazing results. Here’s what a few of his single dating clients have said about Awesome Headshots:

“He was very encouraging and kept the pace going so I felt comfortable and at ease”. - Bette

“Craig was good at making me feel comfortable with the process”. - Michelle

“He kicked ass”. - Wilson

"Craig is the best. He is professional but also very personable. I don't usually like having my pictures taken but he made the whole experience fun and exciting. I was comfortable with him right away as if he was an old friend". - Pamela

"Craig was WONDERFUL. He made the photographic session light hearted and fun. I was very, very pleased with the work he did." - Lynn

So what’s stopping you from making that perfect online profile? Contact Awesome Headshots today and take the first step in finding that perfect match.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Great Place to fin Dating Photographers

This is one of the best Dating Photographer referral sites. Look Better Online not only provides professional photographers, but will help you write a perfect bio.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Business Portraits 1A

In today's competitive business market and the use of Twitter and Face Books, reaching a broader audience is easier than ever. Just one click of a mouse and you're reaching thousands of eyes. Key words and direct product information is paramount to your customers. However customers also want to visualize who you are and what the person who they'll be throwing their hard earned money looks like.

This is where having a visible-dynamic business portrait is more important than ever. This small investment provides potential customers who have already be driven to your product via the Internet get a comfortable idea of who you are.

Weather it's for a small business site, Realtor business card or a Fortune 500 companies annual report, bringing your confidence and presence to the forefront makes perfect marketing sense.

How does having my picture of me on the Internet make a difference in my business? Simple. It puts a person behind the product. It shows you're real and you are using the Internet as a media to drive business in our direction, not hide behind its anonymity.

What kind of picture to customers prefer? That depends on your key audience. If you're local to the West Coast or only attract customers close to your proximity a business look with or without a tie is perfect. If you're more global and seeking customers internationally, a more conservative look with a tie or business suit is preferred.

The three tier-dress method works well for IT and software professionals. Casual with a nice smile and friendly pose for employees. Casual with a sports coat for middle management and the classic suit and tie or non-revealing business suit for the executives. Dark colors are always preferred since the focus is on you-the person not your clothes.

For real estate, mortgage and banking professionals the classic business look works great, but outdoors. This adds a natural element to your picture, extracting stuffiness that is stereo-typical in those fields. Most realtor pictures are taken in front of a home, adding that one more edge to the Realtors confidence.

Portraits for professionals in the graphic arts and design fields have better results with casual attire and a relaxed smile. This ensures clients that not only are you easy going, but serious about presenting your best quality to your clients.

Professional camera ready make-up is always preferred for Women and a good idea for Men as well. This make-up is to be worn on top of daily wear make-up and extenuates your natural features. By adding to your lips, eyes and cheeks, camera ready make-up will make the picture pop to give you and added edge above your competition.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Awesome Headshots

Headshots 1A

With recent changes in the main stream job market, it's no wonder Hollywood is tightening their proverbial belt. due to the thinning number of movie investors and moreover lack of bank funding for movie productions. Tighter budgets lead to paying actors less and less for performances that would have landed them 3-4 times that amount in 2005. Additionally, judging by most economic barometers, the film and motion picture industry has no immediate relief any time soon.

This is where having a dynamic headshot is more crucial than ever. Casting directors need to be more frugal and picky when choosing an actor. One wrong cast could mean their reputation and career in the industry. You think finding an admin position at a fortune 500 company is tough? Try shopping your resume as an out of work casting director and count the number tumbleweeds that roll by. The trickle down effect here goes to the actors themselves. Notice how many familiar faces you'll see acting in promo and commercial work. "Hey, that was that guy from that show we loved".

So how do you get the parts? Networking with casting agencies is a great start. Updating your headshot is a great start as well. Providing a casting agent with an old, outdated or non-flattering headshot is the fast track to no call back.

I see more and more out of work actors marketing themselves during the industries down time than ever before. The amount of updated headshots, comp cards and zed cards have quadrupled over the last 9-months.

This is where finding a good headshot photographer is relevant. Apart from using a badly cropped wedding picture, your best foot has to be put forward. This includes Google searches and local searches on headshot photographers in your area. Most close
metro areas have a good selection to choose from.

But what to look for. There are several variables to add in your search criteria. The first being does the photographer have a good portfolio. Not a cool Myspace page but an actual link that is the photographers company or name. Then look at their work t
o determine if this photographer has
done headshots before and if they have a good amount of samples in their portfolio.

Once you've found 2-3 that meet your criteria, check for their prices. An average headshot photo session should cost between $150.00 and $350.00 including prints, CD and at least 25-pictures to make your selection from.

Your next step is to call and talk with the photographer. This is one of the most important steps since communication between you and the person who'll be taking your picture is paramount. Getting a good vibe and being engaged in the conversation is what should happen. If the photographer seems as if they're timing you or distracted, chances are that's how
they'll be in the studio.

There's no such thing as a stupid question. Only stupid answers and vague responses. If you feel either uncomfortable or the photographer has money on the mind and not your best interest, go to the next photographer. Be picky and be persistent with your questions.

A casting director or model agency's not going to look at the "quality" of the photograph or the photographers portfolio. They'll call you based on what they see in front of them.

Making a small investment in a headshot is highly recommended by casting directors, modeling agencies and industry professionals.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Resources 1A

Resources 1A

There are several good resources to find modeling and acting jobs. One of the best resources on the net is Craigslist. This covers most cities with audition and casting information. Below is a short list of modeling and acting resources. Please visit the sites with caution. This will help ensure you’re not jumping the gun with your Amex.