Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Photographers and Clothing Designers: Success In Team Work

The ever-changing world of fashion design is an extremely competitive business. This is a very crowded corner of the world market. When it comes down to it, there is a very important relationship between a clothing designer and a photographer. The photographer and clothing designer working together can make or break each others careers. It is very important in this industry to choose the right person to work with in order to maximize efficiency, profitability and success. This partnership can be extremely beneficial if approached with a clear understanding of where each party stands.

A clothing designer creates clothing with a certain image in mind. The clothing designer knows the targeted customer base. The clothing may be targeting men or women, or sporty people, or traditional styles, or younger teen styles. When clothes are modeled, it is important that this image gets translated correctly in the pictures. This way the product can attract the attention of the people who are the most probable consumers of the product. The designer needs to express their vision clearly to the photographer. This way, a good photographer can translate that image into the product image and express it to the consumers.

Photography is truly an amazing art form. However, it is also a business. If the photographer is taking pictures for catalogues or magazines or billboards, the images need to meet different standards. The photographer understands these requirements as well as how to capture the designers concept that can really enhance the image of the clothing. It is important that the photographer be given enough space to do the best work possible, but the photographer needs to understand the goals of the designer.

Ultimately, it is extremely important for the photographer and the clothing designer to have a good working relationship. They need to be open and honest with each other. They also need to express their art and their philosophy to each other clearly. Just because one or the other is the best in their particular field does not guarantee that the two will be compatible. Both are artists and both have particular styles. It is important that these styles do not clash to maximize the fruits of the partnership. A very healthy partnership can make both people’s careers. However if the two struggle to see eye to eye, they may fail to reflect beneficially on the final product. This could be disastrous for both careers.