Thursday, January 17, 2013

When Is Too Soon Or Too Late To Start Modeling

The right age to model can differ from person to person. There are many types of ads and marketing where models are used, so the appropriate age can vary greatly. It’s ideal to have smaller children for ads related to innocence, and likewise, it’s ideal to have a more mature person for ads for medications or to model mature clothing. No matter when you start, it takes real dedication to make it a career, and it’s a valid concern to consider just how modeling will take its toll on someone young. 

While some babies are used in ads, they are rarely repeat models until much older, if ever. Many department and clothing store use children for one catalog, and that may be the only modeling experience a child sees. However, a young teenager who is considering a modeling career can get started early on with gaining experience. A young teenager would have the best luck for their future career in learning camera presence and learning how photography works. Becoming proficient in hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling will help a young model build into an experienced model. A young teen who wants to grow into a professional model needs to understand the business more than they need pictures of themselves. 

Teenagers should begin building a portfolio and look for paid work from modeling agencies and agents as soon as they have a good portfolio put together. At this age, modeling on the side while focusing at school will show how much you like the hard work that’s behind all the glitz and glamour. This phase should continue through the college years as a young model does “Time for Pictures” shoots with photographers – an arrangement where they both get experience and pictures out of the deal, but nobody’s paying anyone else. This is invaluable experience that will give you invaluable "in front of camera" experience.
Naturally, early to mid-20s will be where a career either takes off or doesn’t. This can be relative to the want of the potential model or indicates a lack of knowledge in the industry. While perseverance will guide a potential model to the tools they need, if the passion hasn’t found a young model at this age, then you know that you gave it a shot and it wasn’t for you. However, as time goes on, you might enjoy modeling part-time by doing specific ads or occasional Time for Prints shoots.