Monday, January 28, 2013

Has Digital Destroyed Fashion Photography

Planning, perspective, artistry, and true depth are all features of photography, film photography that is. It is important to explore how digitalphotography has stepped over bounds of film photography in the fashion world and how by waiting a day or two for film to be developed and back to you that digital photography has become so instant (right now) it has lost the concentration true fashion photographs once had. Exploring the topic as a whole can shed light on the advantages of digital photography as compared to its predecessor, film photography.  

While the world moves faster every day, inclined to flit from one thought and visual cue to the next, true art comes through well thought out execution of inspirational ideas. The same argument can be made that just because an artist would have to wait a few days before they could develop their own film, or have a shop do it, does not mean that they made more profound fashion photographs. In some aspects, sure this is true. It could be that if they had mastered all that that technology had to offer, then they could create some fantastic pieces.

Though, really this theory needs to be expanded to encompass digital photography as well. Either way, a successful fashion photographer needs to take out the time out to learn the craft of artistic photography, whether using film or digital methods. That is the main focus here. The parts of photography that were most challenging with regard to traditional, film-loaded cameras, were related to the abilities of the individual camera and the user’s technical savvy. Understanding aperture, knowing what type of film to use say for a track event versus a time-lapsed cloud movement were all factors for those photographers.

While the present digital cameras can remove a lot of the learning curve, it still requires technical savvy to manipulate the fundamentals to work in fashion photography. What this means is that thanks to digital cameras, there are new techniques and abilities that cameras have that were not available with film. There is painting with light, for one, which is created through special features. It allows a photographer to give their work the illusion of big neon words in their photographs.

It requires a little bit of equipment, but nothing too fancy. Actually, just a camera with a super slow shutter speed, a tripod, and a light are the basics. The idea is that the light will move, which can create the look of words, lines, curves, or whatever the creative photographer imagines. This is just one way that digital photography has added to the canon of work that any photographer may create using the tools of the trade. Look to the future and fellow digital buffs the world over for more developments in the world of photography and digital film photography, more specifically. This is where further creative methods will come. Yes, the days of film photography are not dead, just tweaked to cater to the faster here and now.