Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Perfect Business Portrait

There are several things you should and should not do when posting a good business portrait. These include things such as do you need a professional photographer, what you should wear for the picture and what background and location you should use in order to achieve the best picture of you. Once all of these issues are addressed and executed properly, the end result will be an excellent and professional looking picture that will be sure to attract the correct audience in the business world.

The first step in achieving a good business portrait is finding a good professional photographer who specializes in Business Portraits. Searching the Internet is going to be your best bet, however a search using words like Photography or Photographer can drudge up all kinds of photographers, most of whom don't specialize in Business Portraits. Clicking on the photographers link will usually bring up pictures of weddings and kids. This is not the kind of photographer you want to hire for a Business Portrait.  Try specific key word searches like "Business Portraits" or "Business Headshot Photographers". Avoid mall photography studios and avoid having your buddy's wife take the picture with her new Nikon Christmas present. The picture will look nice to your friends wife, but your audience (potential employers and key business contacts) will see your flaws, an unappealing pose, uneven lighting on your face, loose hairs, blemishes and less than perfect you.

The next step is to find the perfect outfit. Think above the waist since most Business Portraits are photographed from the mid-belly up. When someone looks at a picture of a person, they unfortunately do not have the ability to know more about their personality, therefore they have to make their assumptions about the person solely based on looks. This business portrait is like an interview. It's a first impression, so it is important to look as professional and put together as possible. For clothing, great choices would be neutral colors such as black, gray, brown, white, navy, and other colors that do not cause a distraction for the viewers eye including ties. Stay away from logos and loud Hawaiian type patterns. Since the picture will only be of the top portion of your body, it is important to focus on the shirt, and maybe even put on a nice sports jacket to pull the look together. Another important touch to wear is your smile, because this makes you look inviting and comfortable to work with.

A very important aspect of a good business portrait is the background. Just like the clothing, it is best to use a neutral background either in gray, black or white. Using a distracting brightly colored loud background draws attention away from "you" the subject, and brings the attention to the background. Also, choose a background that works with what outfit you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing a black sports jacket, choosing a black background would blend in with the jacket and wash you out. Choosing a white or lightly lit backgroundinstead would make you stand out, and create a feeling of confidence making for a Perfect Business Portrait.