Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The New Market of Tattoed Modeling

Tattoos are a beautiful expression of personality, life and art. Now more and more of the population have tattoos. Big or small, men and women, of all ethnicity's are embracing the ancient art of tattoo. In the modeling business tattoos are not always what the photographer is looking for. 

As a photographer you are now asking yourself, will I have to turn away models who are otherwise perfect for my photo shoot, besides a tattoo. There are ways you can cover up tattoos making it unnecessary to dismiss models for their ink. Make up can cover up smaller and lighter tattoos. This is a quick fix that will work for both you and your model. Depending on the clothing, that can be used to discreetly cover a tattoo. Carefully draped or taped down clothing will completely cover up a tattoo. Double sided tape is one of the best to use to keep clothing in place. When it comes to tattoos on the neck, if the hair is long enough you will not even notice the tattoo. Jewelry can some-what cover up the wrist, ankles, chest and neck.
Photoshop is a great tool many photographers use as well to cover tattoos. There are many tools within the program that are made specifically for this purpose. The clone tool is one of the easier ways to accomplish this. You can copy the exact pattern and color of their skin tone, and then paste it over the tattooed area. With patience and a good eye for detail, you can easily cover up small and large tattoos with Photoshop creating a very realistic illusion. 

Today there are many web sites, magazines and publishers that want models with tattoos. Incorporation of the tattoo with the look or message you are trying to portray can be fun. More products and companies are open to this style of marketing. There are websites and companies dedicated to tattooed models. Another solution can be, if your model is able or the tattoo is on the back of an arm or leg, just having them face only certain parts of their body towards the camera will give the illusion that they have no tattoos. Despite what people may think, there is no need to worry that a tattoo will interfere with your photos. With the many resources and innovative ideas out there you can easily cover up or incorporate tattoos into or out of your photos.