Tuesday, October 9, 2012

LinkedIn: The New Resume

Social networking sites play a very important role in today’s lifestyle. In today’s generation, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who is not connected to at least one social networking site. LinkedIn has over 21 Million subscribers and Facebook has over 1 Billion users. It is here that a social networking site plays its hand.

With the capacity to upload photos, videos and portray yourself, these networking sites bring people much closer and add a visual before meeting them. With so many people getting access to profiles of one another, it poses a very important question. How qualitative should the profile be maintained? On hindsight, people would say what is the big deal? These are only known people who are accessing the profiles of one another. But does that hold good. The statement need not be completely true. It is also true, that anything once uploaded on internet may not be erased completely. It is henceforth very important that a proper profile is made and uploaded that might not cause an embarrassment in future.
The importance of having a professional quality picture on LinkedIn and other Social Media Marketing sites versus an amateur picture is also due to the fact that these profiles can be accessed by prospective employers. In today’s scenario, employers are relaying not only on the personal interview done and other tests but also they prefer to hunt down the profile of the candidates on the networking sites. This gives the employers are very clear cut idea of what the candidate is in real life and how fit his social image would be to the company. 

Given the importance of such a scenario and also the fact that jobs are pretty difficult to come by, it would be a foolhardy scenario to get a job offer rejected due to the amateur picture uploaded on LinkedIn or any social media networking site. Headhunters and employment agencies are also searching LinkedIn profiles prior to submitting a candidate to a positions of whom they will be represented by. An bad picture leaves a bad taste in their mouth with no other choice than to assume that this person is not as serious about representing them as they are about being represented properly and professionally.