Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Allure of Lingerie and The Modeling

Lingerie modeling on billboards, in catalogs and the Internet has had a significant effect on the way women shop for lingerie. While bras, underwear, and similar items are worn under clothing, and are thus not visible when women go out into public, there are still serious implications behind these products. The way they are advertised has made women – and men – take notice, and choosing high quality women’s underwear has thus become more of a priority.
Consumers might wonder how important a bra or panties can really be. Apparently, a sophisticated bra or well-made pair of underwear can be an important commodity for a woman. Lingerie billboards often insist on using attractive models that are striking seductive poses. 

These ads aren’t so much about the lingerie being modeled, but the attitude that is being portrayed. Confidence, sex appeal, sensuality, and sophistication are featured in these ads. They encourage women to get in touch with their passion and not settle for generic cotton panties and a matronly bra. The message is that a woman deserves to feel pretty,  confident,  and poised – even when she is just in her underwear.

Victoria’s Secret is a perfect example of how to project lingerie as more of a lifestyle and attitude than just a product. The infamous Million-Dollar bra that they have showcased in the past is obviously not attainable for most people – and even if it were, very few would spend that much on a such an expensive novelty/luxury – but it sent out a message that a woman’s body deserves to be adorned by the finest of jewels. And if not jewels, than state-of-the-art push-up bras will do.

High quality underwear has also been advertised as having practical qualities. While lace, satin, and silk are pretty and nice, it is important that underwear do its job of making the figure look flattered beneath a Woman’s clothing. Control-top underwear, slimming body suits, and bras that minimize of maximize one’s bust all promise to create a better body instantly. The repeated exposure to these items in catalogs and online is astounding, and it has impacted the way women look at underwear. Rather than spending a few bucks on plain panties or a sports bra, women are viewing have begun to view corsets, “Spanx”, and the like as small investments. Body-shapers have become the go-to product for those who want to slip more comfortably – and smoothly – into their favorite dress. They can be used for special occasions where one wishes to look slimmer. They can ever be worn under a pants suit to work.

Another element of high-quality underwear that is present in advertising is fantasy. Lingerie modeling has tapped into one of the most central aspects of lingerie: escapism. Lingerie can be sweet and simple, or daring and different. A woman can morph into a vixen or even a French maid with one little outfit. If these kinds of outfits are offered alongside the more traditional – but high-end – bras and panties that women have become accustomed to, then they just might be more inclined to purchase them.