Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Turning Your Acting Dream into a Part Time Job

In today's economy, who doesn't need a little more green in their wallet? Many individuals with full time, respectable jobs are finding ways to earn a little more spending money during their down time. From tutoring, to online gigs, to playing in the theater, to signing up with actor casting agencies, there are masses of people finding enjoyable ways to make some extra money. 
In some locations in the US, there are part time actors who have regular day jobs who act in theater, television and movies as extras and small parts who make a good living on the side. 

Many creative, artistic past drama club members find the amateur theater or casting call line ups a great place to enjoy themselves, and make some cash. Weeknight rehearsals and weekend shows make for a great social setting and a win/win situation. Theater minds enjoy each others company while others find networking opportunities in audition lines and casting calls. Rehearsals make for great social fun, while after show drinks on the weekends can allow one to still feel like they have some down time. 

Often times, one feels like their career does not feed their creative side. A side job as an actor can help the most successful professional feel like they still have a fun side to them. Acting can help one escape and enjoy the world of what if; allowing individuals to be someone else and forget about the daily pressures of work and personal life. Acting on the side can be therapeutic for your wallet and your emotional health. 

Many times, one may find that part time actors originally begin acting to earn more money or find a way into full time acting. You will notice that often acting and modeling run parallel seeing actors on commercials and print ads and models in soap operas and TV shows. After time, many actors continue working part time, not as much for the money, but for the added enjoyment of the lifestyle. 

Managing your time at work can be cut down by quick and random Internet searches. Auditions and casting can be found while surfing the web at SF Casting and Variety web sites. These offer acting, extra, stand-in, voice over and theatrical opportunities. 

Most of the acting work will be found in Los Angeles, however, local Bay Area Casting agencies such as Beau Bonneau  and Blackwell Files can offer nine to fivers an easy to manage schedule to attend open auditions and castings. As any casting agent will tell you, it all starts with an Awesome Headshot.

This is part one of a two part blog series. The second part, to be posted soon will focus on part time modeling and how to fit the dream of modeling into your day job.