Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Is it Unhealthy to be a Fashion Model?

 We've all seen high fashion models on the television, in fashion magazines, in brochures, and in catalogues all of our lives. Fashion models are a big part of society. Society uses the way that fashion models look to say how everyone, especially women, should look. The average fashion model is much smaller than the average woman, but still society says that women need to look like these fashion models in their every day lives at home and at work.
As for women, many women feel as though they need to keep constantly dieting and not eating, as well as working out every single day for hours at a time in order to keep the figure that society says is the best way to look – the figure of a high fashion model. This is not healthy for anyone, not the regular women of society, nor is it healthy for the high fashion models in those magazines, photos, the runways, or catalogues.

Fashion models feel as though they need to starve themselves in order to get good feedback from their photographers and from designers who want to give them clothes to wear out on the town during the times when they aren't shooting photos or are on the runways. 

They feel as though if they are thin enough and look good enough, they'll get good reviews from their photographers and they'll get more work. Unfortunately, this is exactly how it works in the high fashion world of clothing and make up.

Basically, if these models keep their shapes thin and lanky, they can keep working in the fashion world. Photographers will keep working with them, designers will want them on their runways, and the regular population of people will want to look at them in their photos and magazines. The relationship between fashion models and their photographers is a very delicate one. The photographers have the upper hand in all of this because they can choose whether a specific person has the correct look that they want for the photo shoot.