Monday, June 29, 2009

Business Portraits 1A

In today's competitive business market and the use of Twitter and Face Books, reaching a broader audience is easier than ever. Just one click of a mouse and you're reaching thousands of eyes. Key words and direct product information is paramount to your customers. However customers also want to visualize who you are and what the person who they'll be throwing their hard earned money looks like.

This is where having a visible-dynamic business portrait is more important than ever. This small investment provides potential customers who have already be driven to your product via the Internet get a comfortable idea of who you are.

Weather it's for a small business site, Realtor business card or a Fortune 500 companies annual report, bringing your confidence and presence to the forefront makes perfect marketing sense.

How does having my picture of me on the Internet make a difference in my business? Simple. It puts a person behind the product. It shows you're real and you are using the Internet as a media to drive business in our direction, not hide behind its anonymity.

What kind of picture to customers prefer? That depends on your key audience. If you're local to the West Coast or only attract customers close to your proximity a business look with or without a tie is perfect. If you're more global and seeking customers internationally, a more conservative look with a tie or business suit is preferred.

The three tier-dress method works well for IT and software professionals. Casual with a nice smile and friendly pose for employees. Casual with a sports coat for middle management and the classic suit and tie or non-revealing business suit for the executives. Dark colors are always preferred since the focus is on you-the person not your clothes.

For real estate, mortgage and banking professionals the classic business look works great, but outdoors. This adds a natural element to your picture, extracting stuffiness that is stereo-typical in those fields. Most realtor pictures are taken in front of a home, adding that one more edge to the Realtors confidence.

Portraits for professionals in the graphic arts and design fields have better results with casual attire and a relaxed smile. This ensures clients that not only are you easy going, but serious about presenting your best quality to your clients.

Professional camera ready make-up is always preferred for Women and a good idea for Men as well. This make-up is to be worn on top of daily wear make-up and extenuates your natural features. By adding to your lips, eyes and cheeks, camera ready make-up will make the picture pop to give you and added edge above your competition.