Friday, July 31, 2009

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True, the world is getting smaller with the Internet, however this leads to more ways to find the right person if you do it right. Bars and singles clubs are still the easiest, but less than practical. Video dating services have become a thing of the past. The Craigslists and’s of the world are great places to put up a single personal profile in hopes of catching that right persons eye. Unfortunately, society is shallower than ever. A few paragraphs of who you are and what you aspire to become just wont catch the average single person’s interest. The first thing most seeking singles look at is the picture. Once the look test has agreed or disagreed with them, then they’ll take their time to read the few paragraphs r move on to the next person.

Good dating coaches are internet savvy these days. On a recent episode of the Rachael Ray TV show, dating coach DeAnna Lorraine explained five important dating profile make-over tips that can improve your profile and get the attention of the right person.

DeAnna's Profile Tips

Did you know that more people today meet online than anywhere else? True love could be just a click away for you, but first you need an online profile that will attract Mr. (or Mrs.) Right. "It really is all about the profile," says online dating expert DeAnna

Lorraine. "If you have a bad profile, it could be costing you so many dates." Coul

d that be the problem for 31-year-old Katie? DeAnna steps in to find out and to share her tips.

Choose photos that show off your best assets. Katie had her hair pulled back in her main profile photo and she was wearing a frumpy, dark turtleneck. DeAnna switches it to a photo that highlights her beautiful red curly hair and smile.

Don't send the wrong message. Katie included photos of herself in a wedding party and holding a baby -- both of which could be off-putting to some men who might interpret that she is desperate to beat her biological clock or dying to settle down.

Show off your personality. Make sure your photo shows something about who you are. For example, if you love the outdoors or traveling, let your personality come through with a fun photo from your last hiking trip or vacation.

Headlines should be short and simple. Katie's original headline read like a boring laundry list of qualities she was looking for in a match. DeAnna revises it to be shorter, sweeter, and enticing: "Anyone up for some wild ringlets and fine wine?"

Avoid being negative. Katie posted that her job was very demanding, which DeAnna suggests could be a turn-off. DeAnna suggests that men would be attracted to a woman who's passionate about her job, so she helps Katie reword her post to convey more energy and enthusiasm.

Be persistent. It's easy to get discouraged after a bad experience with Internet dating. But it can take time! So be committed and put the necessary time and effort into it.

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