Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Internet Modeling

The internet modeling industry has exploded over the past decade. Rather than having to go to a major city with a portfolio in hand, an aspiring model can submit a portfolio over the internet to any one of a number of sites that are part of the modeling industry.

Fashion Model for Women's Business
Many websites in the internet modeling industry offer a number of resources, from articles to platforms and opportunities for models and photographers seeking to earn some money in this field. One must be a bit cautious, though, as there are often more scams in this industry than legitimate offers.

In addition to scams, another thing to be wary about is the purpose of some of the websites. Often, because of fewer restrictions online, places are looking for models who are willing to pose nude, or do sexually explicit scenes for money.

By doing some careful research in the internet modeling industry, it is possible to find legitimate work, as there is often a need for all types of models for various sites on the internet. Sites like Model Mayhem and One Model Place are free model portfolio sites where new models can post pictures to receive critiques and network with Photographers, Make-up artists and industry professional. 

It can offer a chance for those who lack the knowledge and connections to break in to the modeling industry successfully. By checking out credentials, and legitimate affiliations with the industry, it is possible to find a legitimate site to help assist one's chances for a career in modeling.

ASMP and PPA are highly accredited photographer websites. Photographers can not just join ASMP, they need to be sponsored by other professional photographers and they must have had their work published in at least 2 different and familiar magazines.