Monday, August 2, 2010

Why Choose a Professional Headshot Photographer

Looking for acting jobs in TV, film or theatre? Then you need theright professionals to help you get there.

Your headshot is the first impression you make on those who can hire you. So why wouldn’t you get your Headshots from a professional Headshot Photographer?

Just like you wouldn’t got to a doctor to fix a legal issue or a car mechanic to build your home, you want to go to the right kind of photographer for your headshots. This is not to imply that other photographers aren’t good at their specialties, just not every photographer will give you photos appropriate for industry accepted headshots. Someone who specializes in headshot photography will be more efficient and will generally cost you less in the long run by helping you get the right photos the first time.

These are some other types of photographers who may be professionals in their specialties, but not necessarily who you want to go to for your headshots. Some photographers may overlap specialties, but if headshots aren’t listed near the top of their list, maybe you want to consider someone else.

For your reference, here are 2 types of good photographers and why these photos might not be helpful in getting you acting jobs.

Event Photographers

Wedding photographers, convention photographers, sports photographers who specialize in these and other events are experts at capturing images that portray glamour of a special occasion or capture the essence of live events or catalogue participants or capture movement and excitement of a sporting event. Each is a specific specialty. Some specialize in specific niches within different types of events. You may have a great photo of your child’s sports team. Buy lots of them for you photo album and family members. Keep one available if a casting needs that particular type of athlete, but don’t use them as headshots.

Mall Photographers

Most shopping mall photographers are franchises. Some have corporate-trained, professional photographers, some do not. They specialize in family or glamour shots. More often than not, they have a variety of backgrounds and props to help set the scene. Headshots require plain backgrounds generally without props or scenes. Some will have very reasonably priced packages for a specific number of prints. Some are very expensive including features seen with portrait photographers. 99% of these photos won’t work as headshots and if you truly want a career, you will not try to use these photos for headshots.